About Us

Image The GLASSMAN began in the 1990s.  The company began after Lloyd's 15 years in the glass industry and made the decision to start-up on his own. Lloyd grew up in Clovis and entered the glass industry after his military service.  After nearly 35 years in the industry, Lloyd now oversees the company and JP manages the business.

The Fresno area is a nice place to grow up and live.  As for the glass industry, there are several glass companies to choose from, The GLASSMAN focuses its business on repairs with prompt customer service. 
Newer homes have more efficient windows than homes built before the 1970s.  There are more to windows than just glass.  The glass in windows hasn't changed a whole lot over the past 100 years but, everything else has.  The windows today are double pane and the frames are vinyl.  Fourty years ago most modern windows were dual pane but, the frames were aluminum.  It's unfortunate that those aluminum frames collected moisture from the air and produced water build-up that collected throughout the window.  In certain conditions that water build-up from condensation caused moisture to collect into the structure and over time grew into mold.

The new vinyl frame technology in window frames reduces atomspheric moisture build-up.  Add the technology of tinting glass with honeycomb effects of environmental films attached to glass in the manufacturing process and your windows passively cool a building in the summer and generate warmth in the winter.

The Glassman

Our employees are professional and friendly.  There are more to windows than just something to look through.  When you need a glass professional, call us. 
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